What's the Best Sherpa Jacket? An Expert Guide.

What's the Best Sherpa Jacket? An Expert Guide.

Sherpa jackets and pullovers have become the rage over the last several years, and for good reason. Do you own one? Does one of your friends own one? Have you felt it? Preposterously soft, right? And warm! And lightweight! The benefits are endless, and they're especially pertinent in times like these, when comfort is at a premium. But we hear the same question time and again, from very different people living in very different parts of the country. Namely...

What's the Best Sherpa Jacket?

Cozy in Sherpa

And it's a fair question! After all, it's an investment, and no one likes to waste their hard-earned dollars. So we take this question quite seriously, since, as you know, we're the foremost experts on all things sherpa. And we'll share our method for evaluating the best sherpa jackets and pullovers, as well as what it means to be the best. But know this - if we didn't think it was an amazing piece of clothing, we wouldn't carry it on our site, so you can confidently buy or gift anything you find at The Sherpa Pullover Co.

The Criteria

  • Quality: This is almost self-explanatory, but the fabrication of the sherpa is of paramount importance. If you're paying $35 for a sherpa jacket, you're probably not going to like what it looks like after the first wash. That's not to say that price is the most important factor - it's not! Rather, the materials and craftsmanship make a huge difference, and that all factors into the quality standard.
  • Fit: Ah, fit. This is where it starts getting personal! What is your body type? Born male or female? How do you like to feel in your sherpa jacket - more like swaddled baby or Dawson in a 90s flannel? The possibilities are endless!
  • Color/Finish: Wait - aren't all the colors basically the same? No, dear reader, they most certainly are not! And they aren't even necessarily the same between two of the same sherpas from the same brand! That's what a frosty tipped finish means. Layers of colors. Depth. Subtle enhancements that drive home the look.
  • Brand: Now this isn't a label-chasing type of analysis. It's more a question of, "Is this the type of thing that [insert brand name here] actually does? Is this their forte?" We'll put it this way - you don't go McDonald's for the seafood (or you really, really shouldn't), so apply that same logic to your sherpa.

With those criteria in mind, we will present to you, in no particular order, our non-exhaustive but entirely definitive list of the world's best sherpa jackets and pullovers. And this definitely is not just a sales pitch. Well, it is a sales pitch, but it isn't JUST a sales pitch. You get it. Onward!

The Victoria Sherpa Pullover by Nordic Fleece

Nordic Fleece Sherpa Pullover

What is there to say about the Victoria Sherpa Pullover that hasn't already been said about unicorns? They're ultra-soft, practically magical, and won't shed on your carpet. But let's vet them based on our criteria, shall we?

Quality: With premium sherpa fabric (which is faux fur polyester, in case you're curious), a leather tab pull zipper, and elastic-banded cuffs, we're seeing all of the most important quality signals. And really, we wouldn't carry it if that were not the case. When you touch the exterior, you'll notice the extra degree of softness as compared to some competitors' sherpa jackets. No flat matte of fur, here!

Fit: For the most part, you can find the fit you want with a Victoria Sherpa Pullover. That said, the dimensions were created to fit a woman best (unlike many other sherpa jackets), so if you're a man, you would do well to size up. Women, however, are encouraged to order true to size and enjoy a sherpa jacket that was actually made with you in mind!

Color/Finish: The Victoria Sherpa Pullover is available in five strong colors, all of which are frosted or "frosty tipped." This means that each color features tones of a complementary color, which gives the appearance of depth and variety in the finish of the jacket. Think about how shadows or highlights improve the appearance of a person's hair, and you'll get the gist. Additionally, the interior collar features a contrast color for a bit of pop when the pullover is unzipped. We particularly love the burgundy!

Brand: When it comes to brand pedigree, The Victoria Sherpa Pullover has it in spades. Its maker, Nordic Fleece, specializes in sherpa, bringing their expertise to everything from beautiful sherpa jackets and hoodies to cozy sherpa socks and booties. Nordic Fleece lives, eats, and breathes sherpa, so we trust everything they create!

Final Thoughts: When we're asked to recommend a sherpa jacket or pullover to someone, this is the first name on our list. And you don't just have to take our word for it. Its reviews are fantastic, so our customers are eager to agree! If you've already read all you need to know, just click here to shop the Victoria Sherpa Pullover.

The Original Frosty Tipped Pullover by True Grit

Original Frosty Tipped Sherpa Jacket

If you're wondering where in the world the sherpa trend began, you've found the source. This is it. The fountainhead of plush goodness: The Original Frosty Tipped Pullover. And boy, did it ever start a wild ride!

Quality: True Grit wrote the book on sherpa comfort, and they did an admirable job with the Original Frosty Tipped Pullover. The sherpa is uber-soft, and the construction is durable. We particularly appreciate the reinforced seams, as it's quite easy to ruin a pullover when pulling it over one's head to take it off.

Fit: Interestingly, even though the sherpa craze skews mostly female, the Original Frosty Tipped Pullover was designed for men! Accordingly, it comes in a men's oversized fit, so we provide many, many warnings about sizing down for women. Perhaps this is why, though, the original trend was to wear a sherpa jacket that was dramatically oversized - it wasn't intended to be worn by a woman!

Color/Finish: This is where the Original Frosty Tipped Pullover blows away the competition. On our website alone, this piece comes in 13 unique colors, all of which are frosted. And this does not account for the 20 other sherpa-based options that True Grit brings to the table!

Brand: True Grit is a superior brand that has been producing high quality fashion pieces and light outerwear for multiple decades. Its no surprise that their designer's eye is the one that brought the sherpa trend to life. For both women and men, it's hard to find a better brand than True Grit when it comes to comfort and style.

Final Thoughts: To be the best, you have to beat the best, and few brands have shown the ability to challenge, let alone beat, True Grit at the game they created. For a bit more color on their #1 product, here's a quick video review from our friends at Country Club Prep.

Convinced? Us too! Click here to shop the Original Frosty Tipped Pullover.


Honestly, we could go on and on about the various merits of the myriad and copious Sherpa Jackets and Pullovers that we love and feature at The Sherpa Pullover Co., but we'll stick to the two most popular. They became so popular for a reason - they're extremely well-made, stylish, and have stood the test of time. That said, we encourage you to review the entire catalog. There are some amazing new items in the world of sherpa, and we wouldn't want you to miss out. Click here to see everything we have to offer!



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